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Sonosfera® x Fuorisalone

At this year's Fuorisalone in Milan, from the 15th to the 28th of April, Renco, along with the City of Pesaro, were proud to promote the exhibition of the Sonosfera®, an innovative installation that studies the soundscape of forests as a powerful commentary on climate change.

The Sonosfera® lies at the heart of Palazzo Mosca, the headquarters of the Civic Museums, and has become an integral part of the heritage of Pesaro. The City of Pesaro was incredibly excited to bring the exhibition to Milan's Fuorisalone during Design Week, one of the most critical artistic and cultural events in Italy. Moving the Sonosfera®, a huge auditorium, from Palazzo Mosca in Pesaro to the fair was no easy feat; some might even call it a crazy endeavor! However, the decision was decisive among key stakeholders, and the project resonated well at the Fuorisalone, as sustainability was one of the key themes at this year's event.

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What is the Sonosfera®

The Sonosfera® is a sound installation created by sound and multidisciplinary artist David Monacchi. The installation takes audiences on a journey through the soundscapes of forests, serving as a commentary on the drastic changes in climate and natural habitats occurring on a global scale and the ‘sixth mass extinction’. The sounds utilised in the project come from recordings Monacchi captured in primary equatorial forests during expeditions worldwide. The auditorium is built to be isolated from the outside and completely sound-absorbent inside. Sound is emitted from 45 speakers, and sound spectrograms and audiovisual content are projected in 360° high definition. This allows for a truly immersive listening and sensory experience.


The direct experience of ecosystems' soundscapes raises awareness of the ecological transition, which is imperative for all individuals today, reflecting on the importance of the action we must take today for the future of the planet.

The Sonosfera® attracted a massive number of visitors, at the end of its opening we recorded 9,000 visitors, providing a unique experience. Present on the first day of the event for its inauguration was David Monacchi, Artist, Matteo Ricci, Mayor of Pesaro, and Giovanni Gasparini, Renco president.

' The Sonosfera® began from a need to find a way to bring the general public into the forests '

David MonacchiArtist

' We decided to collaborate in promoting the Sonosfera®, this technological amphitheatre for accelerating environmental consciousness '

Giovanni GaspariniPresident

' The Sonosfera® combines the technological ingenuity of sound engineers from our conservatory with the ambition to create a cultural space. Renco, one of the most significant companies in our region and operating worldwide, recognises the critical importance of sustainability at this time '

Matteo RicciMayor of Pesaro
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The installation's success is evidenced by its fourth-place achievement in the Fuorisalone Award 2024, recognising it as one of the best exhibitions among more than 1,114 events featured during Design Week.